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Harts"horn` (?), n.


The horn or antler of the hart, or male red deer.


Spirits of hartshorn (see below); volatile salts.

Hartshorn plantain Bot., an annual species of plantain (Plantago Coronopus); -- called also duck's-horn. Booth. -- Hartshorn shavings, originally taken from the horns of harts, are now obtained chiefly by planing down the bones of calves. They afford a kind of jelly. Hebert. -- Salt of hartshorn Chem., an impure solid carbonate of ammonia, obtained by the destructive distillation of hartshorn, or any kind of bone; volatile salts. Brande & C.-- Spirits of hartshorn Chem., a solution of ammonia in water; -- so called because formerly obtained from hartshorn shavings by destructive distillation. Similar ammoniacal solutions from other sources have received the same name.


© Webster 1913.

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