The Haunted Tank was a feature of DC Comics war stories created by Robert Kanigher that appeared during the Silver Age of comic books. It focused on J.E.B. Stuart, who rode in a tank with the U.S. Armed Forces in Europe during World War II. Jeb was a descendant of Confederate General Jeb Stuart, whose ghost haunted the tank, and guided it through enemy territory without a scratch.

First appeared in G.I. Combat #87 (1961). Haunted Tank was drawn by Russ Heath, and later Archie Goodwin. It was not a regular feature, and never got its own title. Appearances:

Like all the D.C. comics war stories, it fell under the jurisdiction of the Comics Code Authority, and so never showed a dead body. The tank and its crew made several more appearances in the D.C. Universe in the 1980s and 1990s:

Sources: Michigan State University Library Index.

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