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Hawaiian pizza is a polarizing type of food. Either you love pineapples on a pizza or it is an abomination that must be destroyed. Personally, I'm an Italian who will eat anything on a pizza. I even like sewer trout, so pineapple is just fine and dandy with me.

To make one, first pop on over to my node on making pizza. Prepare the sauce and the dough as stated and assemble it as usual.

On top of the copious amounts of cheese you piled on add pieces of pineapple. I normally eschew the chunk or fresh pineapples and go with rings. I chop them into small wedges, around 0.5cm or 1/8th inch. Make sure you drain them well before adding them to the circle of love.

Next, add on some ham chopped in a similar manner. Canadian bacon chopped up is also an excellent choice. If I have some regular bacon I'll also add a small ratio, about 1 part bacon to 4 parts ham. I tend to make this kind of pizza when I have a lot of leftover ham from the holidays.

Finally, I add a sprinkling of Mae Ploy sweet chili sauce from Thailand, available in Walmart, Amazon, or better-stocked grocery stores with an ethnic or international food section. I tend to use around 3 tablespoons worth. It gives a sweet taste to modify the tart pineapple flavor and the chili adds some zing. I personally like the mild version of Mae Ploy but if you like some heat go for the hot version.

Pop it in the oven as per the pizza node and nom with your favorite human or fuzzy friend.

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