Hayden is a musician from Thornhill, Southern Ontario. He released his first disc "Everything I Long For" in 1995 on his Hardwood Records label, and it was later picked up by the young Hamilton Ontario based label "Sonic Unyon". "Everything" was then remastered, edited, and rereleased, missing a few songs including the cult favourite "Bunkbeds" and the secret track macaroni and cheese recipe. Most of Hayden's music is very depressing and laidback. His first album is mostly four-track acoustic recordings, involving just him and a guitar, or a piano. His later recordings and tours eventually involved a band.


Everything I Long For - 1995
Moving Careful(ep) - 1996
The Closer I Get - 1998
Skyscraper National Park - 2001

Seven Inch Singles:

Mild & Hazy - 1995
Lunar Landing Confirmed - 1996
Carry-On Mentality - 1997

Soundtracks & Compilations:

Trees Lounge - 1996
Now We Are 5 - 1998

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