These are the lyrics to the song "Between Us To Hold". This song can be found on the album "The Closer I Get" by Hayden. Hayden wrote this song, as well as the rest of the songs on this album.

As you will notice from the lyrics below, this is a fairly short song. The playing time is only two minutes and six seconds. But there is more feeling and emotion in this song then in a lot of the music on the radio today.

At the heart of this song is simplicity, and purity and love of a unique moment. The idea of simplicity starts with the song itself. It's just Hayden singing, and playing his guitar. No mellotron, no drums....

....and if you picture the song, as the lyrics are being sung, you will begin to realize the beauty of the song. It's late at night, the sun has long set. A woman, sitting on the floor, trying to play a guitar. Behind her a man sits, with each of his arms wrapped around her, almost hugging her, but instead his hands are on top of hers, guiding her hands and fingers.

This song and associated emotions affect me more then people might realize. And if you don't understand the feelings I'm describing, then it is probably because you don't play an instrument, so I will try to describe the feelings in more depth.

When you play guitar, you control your fate. If you want to play loud, you play louder. If you want to play slow, you play slower. Playing guitar is as much an art, as painting a picture. No matter how new you might be, when you sit down to do your art, it is yours alone: Unique, perfect, and intimate. It's a very personal experience.

Guitar playing is a window to the guitarist's heart and soul. When it is shared with someone it is akin to seeing a lover naked for the first time. It is showing someone an inner joy. It is an experience that will bring two people closer together, in ways that can't quite be explained.....only felt.

I taught you to play guitar last night
We'd been sick for days and we were stuck inside
And I held your arm as you hit the strings
I pressed your fingers down and started to sing

The heater was shaking 'cause the city was cold
And my favorite guitar was between us to hold
And I held your arm as you hit the strings
I pressed your fingers down and started to sing

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