Haymarket is located just to the west of Edinburgh city centre, it isn't actually an area as such but is known for its station.

Haymarket Station was built in 1840, designed by John Miller. It is the oldest Scottish train station that is presently in anything like its original condition. It is a classical two-storey building with portico and a pleasant curved parapet clock. The trainshed from Haymarket was long moved to a new home in Bo'Ness.

The platforms at Haymarket are often cold, windy, wet and miserable, especially on days like today, what with the gale blowing through the tunnel!

Trains from the west and north of Edinburgh pass through Haymarket on their way to Waverly station, which is the main Edinburgh train station. For terminating trains, Haymarket is the second to last stop.

Because of this, getting off at Haymarket is old Edinburgh slang for coitus interruptus.

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