Making an Unhealthy drink Healthier While Making a Distasteful Health drink Tastier

Or Soy and Coffee Makes You Strong and Nervous, But Maybe Green Drink Will Help


I have tried health drinks separately, the soy powder mixed in juice, the green drink made from wheatgrass powder in water, and soymilk, and they are to some degree the hold-your-nose and tell yourself it is healthy, so drink up, but they are found wanting.

I am a coffee drinker. With high blood pressure, I should quit. I cannot. I like my coffee sweetened and lightened. I stopped using cream, or even canned milk, to stem the tide of cholesterol, and now use soymilk. (Rice milk was too runny.) I bought some green drink for the wife, who needs alkaline forming foods, badly, but I wound up being the one trying it. Rough tasting stuff, it emanates of a new cut lawn. Protein powders added to juice, or even my coffee are problematic, especially the lumping, so I tried my Braun household mixer (the small one piece device one dips into the glass or bowl) to mix a combination of soy powder, soymilk and green drink powder-- and then use this to "cream" my Java. Thus, the evolution of Healthuhchino.


Green Kamut® wheatgrass

90 g pure organic juice
One serving of Green Kamut = 1 oz. fresh wheatgrass juice

Green Kamut Wheatgrass is certified by QAI to be pure made from non-hybrid, non GMO seeds. They grow them in high altitude volcanic soil in a prehistoric lake bed that is loaded with all the nutrients accumulated by the mineral spring irrigation. These wheatgrasses are then harvested at their optimal time of healthy fruition to be processed at the safer lower temperature of 88 degrees, where no pasteurization is necessary. This almost dayglo green powder has no fat, no sugar, and the 3 calories from two teaspoons comes from the half a gram of carbohydrate and 280 mg of protein. It is recommended that the product be consumed a little less than a half hour before a meal for this alkaline forming food to be properly absorbed.

Soya Protein Isolate 91% protein source made from Soybeans.

Fearn Soya Protein Isolate is made from a health sustaining water process, not needing any fillers or flavoring as natural soy protein contains 2 mg per gram of these amino acids in the product.


Alinine------------------  3.8
Arginine----------------  6.2
Aspartic Acid-----------11.1
Cystine 3---------------11.1
Hitione 2---------------- 2.3
Glutamic acid----------19.6
Glycone----------------- 3.8
Isolueucine 1----------- 4.4
Leucine------------------ 7.9
Lysine 1----------------- 8.0
Methonine 1------------- 1.2
Phenylanine 1----------- 5.0
Proline------------------- 4.8
Serine-------------------  4.5
Threonine 1-------------  3.3
Tyrptophan 1------------ 1.2
Tyrosine 4--------------- 3.4
Valine 1------------------ 4.5

1 essential amino acid
2 semi-essential amino acid
3 partially convertible to methianine
4 partially convertible to phenylalanine

Four tablespoons (14.5 g) will give one:
0 g of Fat
0 g of Carbohydrates
13 g of Protein
131 mg of Sodium

Silk organic plain Soymilk (Calcium enriched)

This soybean milk is found in the refrigerated section of the grocery store. This company, White Wave, whose product is QAI certified, boasts in its twenty-four years of experience using organically and cross-bred grown soybeans to start the ingredients. They use filtered water to extract the protein and flavonoids from whole soybeans that admittably is more time consuming. They only add organically grown cane juice, Carrageenan (for body,) some Vitamins A, D2, Riboflavin (B2) and B-12, Calcium carbonate and Sea salt.

This gives you in one cup (240 ml) :

4 g fat (0 saturated)
0 Cholesterol
4 g Sugar
7 g Protein
75 mg Sodium

As well as these percentages:

4% Zinc
6% Folate
8% Potassium
6% Iron
10% Vitamin A
30% Calcium
30% Riboflavin
30% Vitamin D

50% Vitamin B-12



You will need:

A mixer (really easy with the small Braun-- the brain versus braun controversy, here)
Brewed coffee (preferably Columbian -- maybe the Juan Valdez Cartel)

Two containers,

One for the whipped lightner,
The other for the coffee, and then obviously the added "creamer"
2/3 cup soymilk
Two tablespoons soy protein powder
One rounded teaspoon green drink powder
Two tablespoons sugar (or honey, aspartame, saccharine or whatever you want if you want, and I suggest you want to sweeten the cup, as this is not black coffee.)

Mix to a froth

All ingredients less the coffee and sugar

Add to sweetened cup of coffee

Now you have a cup of Healthuchino!

Note: maybe with the greenish color a mint version can be invisioned.

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