Serving Oklahoma City, Fort Worth, and intermediate points

Amtrak train numbers: 821 and 822

Predecessor railroad train numbers: None

Paid for in part by the state of Oklahoma, the Heartland Flyer began operating on June 14, 1999, just short of 20 years since the only previous Amtrak train to serve Oklahoma, the Lone Star, was discontinued.

The train's schedule allows for connections with both directions of the Texas Eagle in Fort Worth, although with a 2-to-3-hour layover if the train is on time, longer if it's not. The long-term future plan is to extend the Heartland Flyer northward to Newton, Kansas to connect with the Southwest Chief, covering more of the former route of the Lone Star in the process.

Condensed historical timetables:

READ DOWN                   READ UP
 (2002)                     (2002)
  8:25A Dp Oklahoma City Ar  9:55P
 12:55P Ar Fort Worth    Dp  5:25P

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