Today is a special day, but before she can enjoy it she must first get through this ordeal. The ordeal comes in the shape of a large man. He is in between her legs, opening her up with his pudgy hands, snacking. She spends most of her time staring up at the ceiling fan, but occasionally looks down at his shiny, bald head, bobbing up and down or spastically moving side to side. The enjoyment of this act of lovemaking is purely one-directional.

He looks up at her and laughs. As he does, he opens his mouth to show cigarette-stained teeth, some of which are missing. He growls, wipes the saliva off his chin and grabs her slender hips and pulls her down underneath him. She is almost crushed by the weight of his flabby body, but she must stay as she is placed; it is her job. Her legs are nearly torn from her hips as his wide body enters her with a yee-haw. He pumps and pounds, smirking, as her cheek rubs against the graying hair on his chest. He could come now, but he is after something else.

Exiting her, he gives her a heavy slap, then laying down next to her on the bed, he grabs hold of her head, his fat paw almost wrapping all the way around her neck. He holds her so tight that his fingers leave imprints on her flesh. Women in this country rarely give head, but she is too young, too scared to refuse.

There it is girl, put it in your mouth.

She opens her small mouth to allow his stubby cock in. He weaves his fingers through her long black hair and moves her head at the speed that he wants. Her head bounces off the bottom of his bloated, sweating belly. It sits and rolls and hangs over the top of his pants when he wears them. He groans and he moans. He draws his breaths in through his teeth and squeals with delight. He comes.

Her mouth is full of the salty liquid and she bends over the side of the bed to spit it out, but he quickly pushes her down on the bed, onto her back. He clamps his hands over her mouth and laughs, looking down at her.

Moments later, he is gone. She lies on the bed, clutching the generous one dollar tip. The ordeal is over and she can get on with the rest of the day. Today is a very special day. It is her birthday. She is fourteen years old and has her whole life to look forward to.

I have worked with younger girls, rescued from brothels in Phnom Penh. There is no life left in their eyes, they cannot even grieve.
There are men who come here for no other reason.

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