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A small book, published in the UK, that sets out safe practices for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

Covers the traffic laws as well as things like safe stopping distances, and what various roadsigns mean.

Knowledge of the Highway Code is part of the UK driving test

The United States could really use something like this. A lot of truck drivers would probably volunteer to oversee this sort of project. There is a seeming lack of understanding about the actual physics involved in manipulating trucks loaded down with a few tons of cargo.

Maybe I notice this because I live at a high elevation with a lot of very populous roadways with steep grades occupied by both large trucks carrying haz-mat and people who refuse to think about the consequences of plowing their SUV into a tanker truck filled with toxic waste. To compound the potential disaster both parties in the equation seem to be incapable of noncompetitive driving or of driving at speeds that make any damn sense when hurtling through mountain passes. Maybe I should chalk it up to some perverse form of social darwinism where the clumsy giants go stumbling off to their appropriate tar pits. Another thing I'm forced to consider is that maybe most People who drive SUV's are assholes who don't give a shit. The sad part about that is that encompasses a good portion of the population of Colorado.

Maybe a photo of the aftermath of the collision that I saw involving an SUV and a Winnebago being posted on billboards would help.

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