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I don't know how many of you actually watched the speeches from the Democratic National Convention last night-- while I feel that Hillary Clinton's speech itself made some good points, that woman just cannot speak in public.

I was watching it with my boyfriend and some of his friends, and it was almost as if we were watching a sporting match rather than a political campaign the way we were criticizing her every move. The one key thing we noticed-- the camera on CNN was directly centered on her, and while speaking, she would robotically move to hit every camera in the convention center. It got to the point where you could specifically time her; 7 seconds, give or take, for her to move from facing the left side of the convention center, all the way to facing the right side. Not to mention, it seemed as if she was trying too hard to enunciate everything she said, and NOT mess up, that the speech itself came across as dry and uncharasmatic.

Generally speaking, it was a well WRITTEN speech, but as a speaker, she did not deliver with nearly the exuberance and emotion that her husband, Bill Clinton, did.

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