Located on the shores of Lake Travis near Austin Texas, Hippy hollow is nude beach, rather it is a clothing optional area. You have to walk a ways from the parking lot to get there but its not bad.

Hippy hollow has been an Austin institution for as long as I can remember. Unlike Barton Springs with is located near the heart of Austin, Hippie Hollow is out the infamous 2222, northwest of downtown Austin. When I was younger I used to ride up there on my motorcycle. A great ride back then, not as much fun now, since they fixed the road.

The water at Hippy Hollow is deep and clean making it a great place to swim; although not that many people take advantage of it preferring instead either to sunbathe or strut their stuff on shore or on aboard the one of the many boats that anchor off shore.

One of my friends is a frequent visitor; she prefers to arrive via boat and will join the small flotilla that anchors off shore. These boats lash themselves together and become a weekend long floating party.

My friend is one of the few women who actually spends time swimming at Hippy Hollow. A tall athletic and strikingly beautiful woman she always draws attention to herself especially when she goes topless.

Hippy Hollow always has a good crowd on the weekend especially if the weather is good.

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