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An excellent car manufactured by Holden/General Motors and Isuzu Japan.

The Gemini was designed and built in Germany in 1974 and was manufactured en masse in Australia in 1975. It was an instant success and filled an important niche in the market for small four door sedans. It was sold in the United States for a time as an Opel Isuzu and in Malaysia as an Opel Gemini. There were a number of revisions to the car, although production stopped for ten years until the car was reintroduced in the early nineties.

The original Gemini was powered by a fairly decent four-cylinder engine and came in manual or automatic versions. Because of the Isuzu engine mount, it is possible to substitute this for a Skyline or even light truck engine. Another nice feature is that the vehicle is powered through its rear wheels, allowing it to perform various acts of automotive hooliganism with ease.

Because Geminis were built tough there are many of the original batches still on the roads. They seem to be largely unbreakable, and run happily on unleaded petrol.

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