Hollywood Style is one of two major styles of Lindy Hop. It was developed in and around Los Angeles at venues like the Palomar Ballroom.

In 1937 Dean Collins moved to Los Angeles bringing with him the Lindy Hop, the dance he learned in Harlem. Some of the local dancers in L.A. made attempts to do the Lindy but it wasn't until Dean showed them a basic pattern (for both the girls and guys) that their dancing progressed.

The most notable difference was the fast footwork of these L.A. dancers. Lenny and Kay Smith, Irene Thomas and Bob Ash all had footwork that was very fast, under control, and full of improvisation.

One of the main features that distinguises Hollywood Style from Savoy Style is the whip. Hollywood Style dancers adds a distinct whip to their swing out.

Hollywood style Lindy Hop has been featured in many films and dance competitions throughtout the years. It is still popular today.

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