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An 8 count style of swing dancing. More eye catching than the more popular Jitterbug, but harder to learn.

Quite possibly the most fun two people can have while standing up. In appearance, the lindy hop is like this: two partners stand a short distance apart holding one hand (the leader's left, the follower's right). On the first four beats of the music, the follower comes forward and turns around, while the leader walks around her and puts his free hand on the back of her waist. On the next four beats, the follower walks back and turns again and the leader releases her waist and walks the rest of the way around.

This is the blandest description possible. Once the dancers are familiar with what they're doing, the energy is added in. The distance between the dancers and the relatively slow tempo of the music means that there is a lot of room for improvisation by both partners -- spins, kicks, syncopations, walks, and if you're really hot, aerials.

For a brief introduction to the lindy hop, go rent the movie "Swing Kids". For a proper introduction, go take a lesson.

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