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It's pretty hard for a lizard to settle down. Working for the Overlady moves me around, but it's also that after four or five years even pretty stupid humans start sensing the aura.

I have a very few humans in my life who have noted the aura and don't care. They like me, whether I am human or lizard. They don't care. I don't mess with their cloaking either, since some of them are not human. Doesn't mean I don't guess, but it would not be polite to mention it unless they were really slipping in front of humans.

Working, I get in trouble after 4-5 years. Medical school was four years and out of there, 3000 miles away. Residency was 3 years. My first job was three years. Then came the challenge: to raise my young, they do best in one place, preferably a small town. The human children take them for granted, know how they are different and grow up not really noticing because that's just the way they are. So I have been in my small town for almost sixteen years. The younger offspring will leave at the end of the year, ready and with a formidibly strong aura.

Meanwhile it's been rather a challenge for me. I got kicked out of the first clinic after five years. They didn't know what was wrong, but they know something was.... actually the staff had realized that I was off the scale weird within the first year but since I would go to the wall for patients, they didn't care. And they helped hide it. Nevertheless, my peers finally freaked out and I got kicked across the street. The administration protected me because they didn't really have a choice.

Four years there and then the administration kicked me out. I sighed as I drove home. I think they thought I'd leave town. However, I'd already read about running a small business, lizards are natural mathematics wizards, and my younger one was still in school. I was not about to move. I opened my own clinic a year later, much to the horror of my peers. The patients didn't care, weird or not I got results.

After five turbulent years, my office manager retired. This is good, because she was starting to have nightmares about lizards and dragons and dinosaurs. I have a new office manager and with luck she will stay for 4-5 years. I don't know if I will get another assignment from the Overlady after my child graduates anyhow. I am hoping to use this as a base to travel, but we shall see. The humans still discriminate against females appallingly and it is tiresome to deal with. There are challenges wherever one is stationed for the Overlady, but sometimes I get tired of the challenges HERE.

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