Home of the Underdogs is the complete name to what is perhaps one of the biggest gaming sites on the internet.
Located at www.the-underdogs.info
The site is mainly the pet project of Sarinee, or Underdogs in the site forum. Yes, she is a female gamer, and webmaster of one of the (as said before) biggest gaming sites out there. Over the course of the last few years, it has grown by leaps and bounds, and there is now a considerable amount of people helping her develop the site along side the older members, including the large list of legendary crackers (those who break the software's protection).

The site is the cornerstone of the genres of gaming and abandonware (a subsection, or more benevolent form of warez, or software piracy)

Home of the Underdogs boasts thousands of games that are not sold by their respective companies anymore. For more information on abandonware see Pseudo_Intellectual's excellent node under Abandonware.

The site itself contains a very active forum with many people able to help newer members finally get that elusive backwards compatibility with their newer computers. Some like the forum member Joan of Arc seem to be virtual walking encyclopedia's of abandonware knowledge.

Downloads are organized into sections, the basic being on their type, whether strategy, sports, simulation or RPG. You can also search by creator, designer, publisher, release year and other ways.

Keep in mind though that the downloads on this site in most cases are not sanctioned by the companies owning the copyrights and thus are considered software piracy when downloading or distributing them.

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