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Homebake is one of the premier music festivals in Australia. It is unique in the Australian festival scene, in that the bands who perform at Homebake are exclusively local - instead of using the pulling power of major international acts to draw the crowds, Homebake relies of the strength of the Australian music scene.

Homebake was born in 1996, at Belongil Fields, Bryon Bay. 15,000 people turned up - and got drenched, as it bucketed down rain. Of course, being in a mudbath has never been an obstacle to having a good time, as long as the music's good, and the atmosphere's right.

From then on, Homebake has been a regular fixture on the festival calendar. It has at times become a touring festival, travelling down Australia's East Coast on a number of occassions, however the last couple of years it has been held in Sydney alone. Sometimes erratic in it's timing, it has on occassion been held at both the beginning and end of the one year, and been missed completely in other years.

It's history is, briefly:

Homebake's success and popularity is reflection of the strength of Australia's local music scene, and the level of support it has from the population. Over the years, it has featured some amazing local acts, including:

Powderfinger - Something For Kate - Regurgitator - The Superjesus - The Avalanches - Endorphin - Alex Lloyd - John Butler Trio - The Whitlams - Art of Fighting - Bexta

Another excellent feature of Homebake, is that as there is no need to pay for major international acts to make the trip, the price is able to be kept down to an affordable level. Over 30 bands and artists will perform at Homebake 2001, with ticket prices kept sub-sixty dollars.

Homebake 2001 will be held at The Domain, Sydney, on the 8th of December.

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