This is an actual book, written in the late 1960s with horrifying sincerity by some egregiously reprehensible fellow who has no doubt since died of syphilis. According to prandtl (whom I gave it to), it should be titled "How to be the biggest slimeball the world has ever known while conning a bunch of poor women into sleeping with your ugly, tiny-d****d self." Prandtl learned (and he's being sarcastic):

  • that school teachers are easy if you pretend to be a jet test pilot or astronaut.
  • about the four types of women and how to seduce each of them.
  • how to hide expenses from your wife and how to fake a heart attack if she catches you.
  • that condoms are expensive and reusable and that the woman should take joy in washing them out and drying them since they are the gateway to her pleasure
  • how to fake your way out of accepting responsibility for a pregnancy.
  • how to fake a venereal disease.
  • how to ... God, even I don't want to know.

     As it turns out, Will Harvey (the author) is a pen name for Dr. Bill Wattenburg, scientist and radio talk show host. After writing How to Find and Fascinate a Mistress (and Survive in Spite of it All), Wattenburg did the talk show circuit as comedian Will Harvey. It was so over the top, not even his alter ego could take it seriously.

     While I haven't read the book, kessenich's write-up makes it sound terrible. However, it must have been funny at the time, because it earned Wattenburg 1.3 million dollars between 1972 and 1980.


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