Which part of your body constitutes an erogenous zone depends on your imagination.

Can include any part of the anatomy reachable with a finger (from outside the body, of course). Finding erogenous zones with your sexual partner can be a kinky game.

bitter_engineer: I agree - the brain is the sexiest organ.

Usually the brain tends to be the most powerful erogenous zone on the body. However, trying to stimulate it with a finger may yield undesirable results. Try poetry or the truth instead.

Ten fingers graceful in the small of her back, more
graceful than she thought they could be. Less than a
massage and so much more than a simple touch. A lower
temperature than the two of them share at the chest,
yet it is those fingers' heat which she can feel most
strongly, moving up and down her spine, releasing each
left-over tense muscle and mundane concern. Her lover's
sigh anticipates her own, and she notices their subtle
growing and shrinking in phase, breathing rates
perfectly matched.

Once sufficiently aroused, the entire body becomes an erogenous zone. Past a couple's initial unfamiliarity, past objections and misunderstandings, past any hint of embarrassment, lies the level of comfort at which this may become true. Movement toward such an ideal state requires neither well-understood knowledge nor an ongoing improvement in technique, but instead the deepest form of intuition.

One trusts in only being taken to higher plateaus of pleasure, that no dramatic changes will disturb the all-important concentration, enjoyment. The other works within this trust, attending to every change in speed, temperature and pressure, to every hitched breath and movement toward or away, no matter how subconscious. Together they communicate subtle desires through the unwritten unspoken unlanguage of touch.

One moment she is connected to it, feeling the warm
skin and soft sheets and supporting embrace, feeling
fuzzy tingle from every finger that touches her
skin. The next all that is blown away and she is
moving too without even knowing it, returning such
pleasure with less than conscious thought. Here they
are truly together, here her every small unspoken
wish comes true.

When it arrives, it is to know the very meaning of the word synergy, or maybe synchrony or synapse. Loss of conscious control is no longer a mistake waiting to be made, but a necessary sacrifice allowing respective limbic systems take over in its stead. Each little lizard-brain knows which movements will feel good, because to even imagine them feels electrically good to it. Across that boundary no movement can be made that doesn't give the other some tiny push toward eventual climax. Across that boundary all touch can only be sensual pleasure, and all surfaces can only be erogenous zones.

Despite all the worthy comments above about "the entire body blah blah blah", erogenous zones are a physiological phenomenon characterised by an increased density of touch-sensitive receptors in a particular area of the skin.

For some reason these areas tend to be cooler to the touch than surrounding areas (That is practical advice); in my experience when stimulated, they get warmer (not surprisingly), and as the get warmer they get less sensitive.

There tend be a few predictable areas on the (female? I've only researched women's bodies) body where they are found; the only ones I remember from my research are the wrists and the back of the neck.

Erogenous zones are areas of the body when stimulated elicit a physical sexual response. Excitement of these areas causes the heart rate to increase as well as blood flow to the genitalia.

There are two areas that will arouse a person sexually or cause erotic stimuli, the specific and nonspecific zones.

The specific zones are the more intimate parts of the body, the lips, tongue, breasts, nipples, buttocks, penis, and vulva, and only in these areas will the body produce a high arousal response rate to an action potential in virtually everyone, meaning even the thought of contact of these spots can cause arousal. This is not to same for the nonspecific spots.

Some of the more common examples of nonspecific spots are;

Ears- The earlobe and behind the ear.
Neck- The clavicle and the nape of the neck.
Arm- The wrist and area connected to the palm, and all along the inside of the arm.
Navel- Near and around the belly button and especially below it.
Waist- On the sides up to the ribs and the small of the back.
Legs- On the inner thigh, behind the knee, along the calf, and around the ankle.
Feet- Bottoms of the feet and toes.

Generally regarded as private these areas although left naked are areas people tend to prevent contact within those areas by people whom they are unfamiliar with because of their sensitivity.

Nonspecific erogenous zones do not produce such a heightened degree of sexual stimulation across the board. An exaggerated, or anticipatory response is responsible for the heightened sense in these areas, and not because there is an increased amount of touch-sensitive receptors like in the area of the specific zones. In addition, everyone has different nonspecific zone that are going to be active, a person might have only one or two "hot spots", or zero depending on the person.

Our brains are very powerful organs, and the most powerful erogenous zone is a person's imagination, making it possible for stimulation achievable outside of direct contact by visual and conversational stimulus without ever being touched. Smells and memories often cause arousal.

Research has shown there are health benefits from a hug or touch and other turn-ons, resulting in the release of oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin, and in a reduction in stress hormones.

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