How to Manage Your DICK*: *(Destructive Impulses with Cyber Kinetics), written by Sean Joseph O'Reilly, reevaluates the way that modern society tells us to deal with our sexuality. Although the book is geared towards males, females should find it almost, if not more, stimulating and informative. Written in 2002, the book could not be more up-to-date. O'Reilly takes ideas from the modern philosophy masterpiece, A Brief History of Everything by Ken Wilber. Those ideas--arguable the most relevant of all modern philosophy--are then seamlessly related to the Virtues and Sins of the ancient philosopher, Aristotle.

According to O'Reilly, most of our modern day problems stem from the fact that we do not practice enough "Dick Management". In fact, according to O'Reilly lack of Dick Management can cause fatigue, depression, physical sickness, spiritual malaise, etc. Dick Management is really a mechanism for trying to conserve energy as it flows through the body and spirit. The idea is that Chi starts at more primitive energy levels, or Chakras, but if you don't use up the energy there, then it will be able to flow to higher and more spiritual levels. For example, if one abstains from sexual activity (a lower form of energy) for a week, then that energy will be conserved and sent to a higher level. This is the basis of Dick Management. The idea is to find the Golden Mean coined by Aristotle: the balance between too much self-restraint or not enough. How to Manage Your DICK teaches the reader how to do this and much more.

A few chapters into the book, the author shares another theory with us: our self-awareness/consciousness is based on quantum interactions between local and non-local phenomena. As this book parallels ideas of brain quantum interactions found in the excellent book The Quantum Brain by Jeffrey Satinover, this discussion of a soul is refreshing new angle, as lucid and coherent as it is unique among other philosophies.

The book does a good job pointing out some of the flaws in our society that people need to be more careful about. For example, there is a chapter devoted to explaining the evils of chronic TV watching. Another (rather humorous) chapter is devoted to teaching people how to not be a creep.

The last important point I would like to touch on is O'Reilly's tongue-in-cheek writing style. This book is fun to read. As serious as the subject matter is, the author has made parts of the book so funny that at one point while I was reading it, the librarian came up to me and told me to either stop laughing or get out of the library.

How to Manage Your DICK by Sean O'Reilly, is one of those books that really stands out today. It is a remarkably refreshing look at society and how far we still have yet to come as a culture. Dick Management, however, certainly seems like the best tool to point (hehe, get it? point...) us in the right direction!

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