Tickling is an evolved phenomenon, meant to protect us from wandering insects or predators moving across our bodies unexpectedly. People are ticklish in many or few areas of the body, in particular the feet, stomach, or armpits. People can't tickle themselves, because it is an expected action on the body. The cerebellum portion of the brain separates expected reactions from unexpected reactions, and acts accordingly. Why tickling reacts with laughter is still a scientific mystery, but many believe it is nervous laughter and not humour laughter.

So how can you protect yourself from often desirable, yet unbearable tickle attacks? The process of conditioning goes a long way in the cure to tickling. Let someone tickle you, and try to put up with it. Concentrate on not reacting to the tickling, and you can eventually grow comfortable with the touch. You may still be ticklish if the tickling is a surprise, but you should be able to resist spasming and laughing considerably.

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