There’s no nice way of putting this so I’ll just say it. If you’re not hot these can work in the exact opposite way that they were intended but even so- You can still engage yourself in a good conversation and sway his favor if you are interesting. Sometimes the hottness comes later.

1 - Dance by yourself. Billy Idol had a point and sometimes the best way to get one guy’s attention is to attract everyone else’s in the process. There really is something sexy about a girl who will dance whether she’s with her friends or not. Just make sure it’s a good song and remember that you’re not a stripper.

If you are a stripper, then don’t worry - he notices you but you're probably grabbing dollar bills from the hand of a Japanese Businessman with your unmentionables.

2Never order a drink called “a blowjob.” Yeah, I know it sounds provocatively cute but it’s not. The only people that order blowjobs is the bride at a bachelorette party and gay men who are showing off. The only guys that find this drink impressive are the last call guys, sitting at the end of the bar by themselves reeking of Eurotrash cologne and hitting on the girl with the roses. You should be able to hear his pinky ring clinking up against his Corona which he orders because, subconsciously it reminds him of the only time he’s actually scored at a bar; it was in Cabo over Spring Break and he can’t legally say her age.

Order a Scotch or something. There’s something really sexy about a girl that orders drinks normally enjoyed by Mid-Century, Southern Land Owners that clean their guns every Sunday. I don’t know why, there just is.

3Have an opinion. It’s one thing to be agreeable; it’s another thing to be a vapid nodder. Just because he’s cute and it came out of his mouth doesn’t mean you have to agree with it and laugh. It’s a bar not the Spanish Inquisition; you’re allowed to have your own thoughts on something. There’s something sexy about a girl who doesn’t agree with you.

Remember Ione Skye in Say Anything? She always had an opinion and John Cusack loved her for it. If you want John Cusack to stand outside your window blaring Peter Gabriel on a ghetto blaster, you’re going to have to have an opinion.

4Grab his hand and lead him. Every single guy on the floor has a mother. And every single one of their mothers said something along the lines of, “Girls aren’t suppose to call boys. When I was your age I would never have called a boy…” She said this and we all disagreed with her.

I love it when I don’t have to wonder. When a girl grabs my hand and leads me to the jukebox to pick a song with her (or whatever) it’s like finding money in a coat that you haven’t worn in a while. It’s unexpected and full of possibilities.

5Give him your full attention but not in a creepy, stalker way. Guys love it when a girl gives him her undivided attention. Actually everybody loves it when they have someone’s undivided attention but guys especially love it at a bar. It’s loud and distracting and if it looks like you’re actually more interested in us than the DJ, we appreciate the gesture. Don’t stare like a starved supermodel but focus and quit looking for someone that looks more interesting.

Girls always complain about guys not opening up but then they try and have a heart-to-heart while he’s trying to fix his air conditioning. Most of us have single track minds and we’d like to think that you girls did too. So just look us in the eye for a while and feign interest if you have to.

You might even be surprised at what we actually are thinking.

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