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Sequel to How to Get a Date in France

Once you have successfully asked that special French someone out on a date, you need somewhere to go. How about the movies? Here’s some basic vocabulary:

faire la queue: to wait in line
passer: to show a film
une affiche: movie poster
un billet: ticket
le cinoche: flicks (slang)
l’écran: screen
un fana: fan
le guichet: ticket window
une place: seat
une séance: showing
un tarif: price
un actuer/ une actrice: actor, actress
un cineaste: filmmaker
le décor: scenery
un dessin animé: cartoon
un film d’épouvante: horror movie
le grand film: main feature
l’interprétation: acting
l’intrigue: plot
une vedette: male or female star

That should be more than enough to completely bedazzle your new love interest.

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