So you don't have a CD player? Just a busted old 2x CD-ROM? That's great, because here's a quick and dirty method to turning it into a high-end soundsystem...(I refuse to put a "sarcasm" emoticon at this point.)

The Equipment:

One busted CDROM drive. Motor still has to work and the electrical stuff.
One computer power supply. (one that works, of course)
Speakers with male stereo connector. (The pointy ones that you stick into your Discman for example)

The Set-Up:

Connect your power supply to the CDROM drive. Connect power supply to electrical outlet. Press power button (you DID leave the power button connected, didn't you?). Open tray, put in Audio CD. Press play. Fiddle around with volume control until its at it's maximum. Connect speakers to audio outlet in front of drive. Rock.

Update: 12/15/01

stupot sez that 12 volts and 17 watts of power will suffice to get the drive running, if you connect both ground pins (the middle ones) with each other and connect the remaining pins (5v/12v) to the proper regulators.

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