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Just the other day a friend and I were playing our favorite Playstation racing game, Gran Turismo 2. We had been going at it for the last two hours trying to win races and get some credits for upgrading our car, a Mitsubishi 3000 GT.

Actually (or more importantly) we were babysitting his six month-old daughter. Let me give a little history (six months worth). This little girl is amazing! My wife and I could only hope that our child is this intelligent. She's only six months old and she's already taking her first steps. (I guess that's early or something judging by the way mothers speak about her. I dunno...)

Anyway, she is in one of those circular strollers that babies can walk around in. However, this one is different. It doesn't have wheels. Stationary. Immovable. Bouncy. The manufacturer didn't want the baby to move around in it. Oh no. They wanted the child to bounce in it. Yes, my friends, it has all kinds of shock absorbers and springs.

We had put her in there because PS One cables do not belong in the mouths of babies. We also found out that the PS One was a mini-black hole. We were in this huge basement filled with all sorts of toys, electrical outlets, cardboard boxes, paint chips, and other various neat things that babies could play with. However, she was attracted to the power button on the PS One more than once.

Back to the game. GT2 can be pretty intense, and we had done a pretty good job of finishing some of the races (i.e. we didn't finish last). There is one section of the game where you can get certain drivers licenses that allow you to compete in certain events. We wanted to go one step further. We wanted cars. You can pass the tests by winning medals. However, if you win gold in all the tests you're awarded with a FREE car. Our goal was the Honda Spoon.

There are ten tests to a license and we had received gold in the first seven tests without an real problems. We then came to test B-8. We had to perform a right hand turn perfectly travelling over 100mph in less than 23.310 sec.

For those of you who have played Gran Turismo 2, you'll know and feel for what I'm about to say. For those of you who haven't, indulge me a little bit. It was hard. We'd understeer, oversteer, underbrake, overbrake, spin, rev, slide, and crash our way into failures and oblivion. We began to get really intense in our strategies and methods. The really frustrating thing is that they give you a yellow line as a guide on the track.

To make a long hour and thirty minutes short we won. We screamed.


It got silent.

I looked at my friend. He looked at me. We looked at the baby. She looked like she was going to cry.

She did.

No more Gran Turismo 2 that night.

Did we ever win the Honda Spoon? Well, check out how to win the gold and prevent a baby from crying..

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