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My favorite bathroom is found on the south side of the Grapevine on I-5. Its my favorite becuase it is the only bathroom i've found on that highway not crawling with nasty fungus and drunk horny truckers on speed. Most poor saps end up stopping at the rest stop to relieve themselves, or at a gas station. A little better but still iffy are the bathrooms at fast food joints. These can sometimes be sanitary enough to use comforably. But along highway 5, when youre coming in on the last stretch into LA, right before it gets steep and drops into Castaic, theres a big reservoir there, Pyramid Lake. And on a peninsula of this lake is a little conical-roofed building made out of nice wood. This is the little museum documenting how the system works that brings (stolen) water from the northern part of the state to the south (this reservoir is the ultimate depository of much of that water, before it enters the faucets and sprinklers of LA) This building has various exhibits documenting the long California Aqueduct, one of the longest in the world. And, it has a very clean bathroom. You can relieve yourself in water that came from over 600 miles away in some cases, some of which flowed off of Mt Shasta. After tainting this well-traveled water, you can go look at all the pictures of the various reservoirs in the state and think 'gosh that must have been one hell of a neat gorge before it got flooded'. and 'Too bad that river doesnt make it to the ocean anymore'.

The place can actually be kinda depressing. But when you really gotta pee, after drinking a 44 ounce soda you bought in Buttonwillow, its not a bad place to be.

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