THERE! I've admitted it. Now to tackle hangup with rep/XP.

"you should not define success by points, XP, or any of that"

Words of wisdom from above. Words I've told myself hundreds of times since finding this little slice of paradise. Yet, they are only words until I take them to heart.

You've gained experience! (a pat on the back)

e2 isn't about points or a game! It's about the free flowing exchange of ideas. It's about all points of view, including the ones that I disagree with. There is nothing I like better than to have someone say to me, "HEY BOZO, you didn't consider this!" I love being shown another angle! I love the idea of linking different ideas together to form a more complete picture! The voting/experience system isn't important in the grand scheme of things. It is not what defines e2.

Ack! You've lost experience! (a rap on the knuckles)

Don't be afraid to share your ideas! I've been telling that to myself for years. I don't WANT the thoughts of rep or XP to enter my mind everytime I want to post a thought! I intensely dislike that it matters to me, that I give a rat's ass! I WANT to ignore the whole thing!

So don't pay attention to it, BOZO!

Is there anyway to turn off those phrases that say to me you've just been judged? Just for a little while? Just until I get to the point where I don't notice them anymore taunting me from the corner of my eye.

Get out of my face (and let me get on with noding!!)

I still hear it whispering in my ear, you can't escape me...

Bite me! I've got better things to do than argue with my mind....

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