Sleeping with someone, literally sleeping with them, can be one of the most intimate and rewarding things lovers can do.  Spooning up behind them feeling their back press into your chest with each breath they take. Lightly running your hand across their skin as you drift off, listening to the little sounds they make as their way through dreams, the language of subvocalized words that some develop over time as they communicate upon first waking, before ever saying a word, feeling their heavy breaths across the nape of your neck, these are the things that make you feel close to the one you love.

At no time are we as vulnerable, as open and unprotected, as when we sleep. Little pieces of our dreams come to the surface without our knowledge or consent, and present themselves before those we invite into our beds. When you wake from a dream, scared or disoriented, nothing makes you more comfortable than the feeling of a lovers arm as it lies upon you , or the warmth of their body.

Sleep with your lover, listen to their body language, enjoy the tiny pieces of them that are offered up in the darkened hours, and share of yourself with them.

It is strange, how one can quite honestly say, "nothing happened" when in fact the most wonderful thing in the world had happened. You woke, and found that your dreams had been inadequate to the reality you were in.

Althought I can in theory (and from experience) agree with masukomi's write-up - But there is another side to sleeping with someone, based on the premise you actually like sharing a bed with that someone in the first place.

Sleeping with someone, literally sleeping with someone can also be one of the most irritating and frustrating experiences lovers can have. If your sleep cycles don't match then as one of wants to stay and talk the night away, your lover will get progressively more and more get drowsy and irritable, and once you've both decided to go to sleep you've got to find the perfect lover's sleeping position.

This sleeping position is never constant and can change nightly, it must satisfy the requirements of providing intimacy without the pain of the blood supply being cut off to body parts, warmth without suffocating, and a fair and just distribution of the bed sheets.

The onus is usually on the guy in the bed to accomodate the girl, resulting in him staring up to the darkened ceiling as the covers get unconciously stolen and he gets steadily pushed out the side of the bed.

Just like any relationship sleeping with someone can be all roses and sex, but it does have bad points too.

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