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Part of the wildly popular "acid banjo jazz" genre of music of the early to late 1980s, "Bananas" was a one-hit wonder for its creator. It enjoyed a brief spate of radio airtime before being snapped up by the Dole company, which subsequently locked it in a vault for several millennia as part of their internationally recognized "All Bananas Are Dole Bananas, Damnit" campaign. Here it is, reproduced in its entirety, for the first time since the De-Corporatization Act Of 3914:

Ohhhh, I like bananas cause they've got no bones
They sing to me in singin' tones
With my 'nanas I ain't never alone
Bananas, they got no bones

An orange, now, is full of pips
You spit and stop and stop and spit
And them watermelons are full of shit
But bananas ain't got no bones

Bananas come in one big bunch
Like yaller daisies I just munch and munch
I can have banana fillet for lunch
Cause bananas ain't got no bones!

Ohhh, I like bananas cause they've got no bones
They sing to me in singin' tones
They can make a real good tellyphone
They shine like shiny twilight gloam
I got mine from Momma Nature on loan!
Ohhhh, bananas ain't got nooooo BOOOONES!

The song by the same name by George Formby was properly titled "I Like Bananas (Because They've Got No Bones)," and began, "I don't like tomatoes, and I don't like ice-cream cones, but I like bananas because they have no bones...." It was a music hall favourite from the World War II era and can be heard at http://www.georgeformby.co.uk/audio/sounds.htm.

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