Some ignorati always think I'm a loner who spends too much time with my computer. This was mainly in high school, where the jocks, the wannabes, the cheerleaders all "hang out" and try to get attention while we "geeks" use our computers and (gasp!) evolve out of the miserable existence that is high school. So they accuse me of having no friends and being a loner. I tell them:

"I am never alone on the internet. There are millions like me there."

And I might add that most of the people I interact with on the internet have far more substance than the paper-thin pseudo-personalities of high school. People in high school, they talk about their pop culture, their pathetic existences, their "sexual adventures", their clothes and cars all day long until they throw up. How inane. The internet, despite the fact that you cannot physically grasp it, is so much more dynamic. E2 is a case in point.

The humor of thefez and dem_bones, the truisms of dannye, the ravings of Saige and themusic, everything combines into an uberexistence, a cyberworld that beats the real world hands down in terms of interest. With the exception of a few pals at Cornell, like Uberfetus and his old roommate, and some people down the hall, social interaction in Cornell is so limited, so shallow and so utterly thin that I'd rather live my life out on the internet.

So goes the saying: "Smart people are hard to find". People who use computers tend to be more intelligent, and they gravitate toward new media, such as the internet and Everything. So what if I spend less time in real life? I'd rather talk to someone intelligent that I cannot see and hear than some fool I actually can see and hear. Not just E2, but other forums as well, chances are I can find more intelligent people online than offline.

Go talk about the latest episode of Survivor. See if I care. I will deal with real life as I see necessary, and right now, I choose not to interact with you fools. The internet is an alternative reality, but a much more preferable one.

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