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(encore #2)




we are the smaller pieces from a greater spirit
occupying the spaces between existence
fluttering and glowing in the darkness
here to guide those who've lost themselves

                                                                       hello precious

                                                                       it's almost time, but
                                                                       smile with me for a moment
                                                                       we've known you for so long
                                                                       it feels good to share warmth with you now
                                                                       come join us
                                                                       it's time to be mystical again

it's time for you to rise from hibernation
to rise from the wounds and the negativity inside you
come back into the dream that was alive
before you were born

there is so much to be released
whose skin might have touched whose skin
whose dreams might have touched whose dreams

                                                                       leave your anguish and rage
                                                                       leave your passion and wisdom
                                                                       such energies only carry meaning
                                                                       in the place you'll be leaving
                                                                       it will do you no good to carry these things
                                                                       into the journey before you

and that little of your energy which remains
will be concentrated into our spiritual garden
so that we can give back to those not ready
those still persisting and expanding
the limitlessness of their energies
so that they may support their fellow living creatures
in the ways that they can
it's all they can do

let them aspire not to be matadors
not to be jockeys, dog trainers, cattle drivers
in such sense of control
in such contemptuous undercurrents
for the meek
instead let them learn to grow into caretakers
the shepherd who sleeps with the flock

it's never too late to try
it's never wrong to hold on-
to the light of others
to the faith of the unknown
that lies beside the fear

                                                                       it's time for us to close this mortal chapter
                                                                       it's time for us to mean everything we say

we know you still
we will always be listening
and in this moment when you rise to the occasion
to meet the glory of your guarantee
we are smiling for you
invisibly and weightlessly embracing you
as you go

                                                                       come present your childlike wondrous face
                                                                       so that we can clasp it between our hands
                                                                       let us drop a kiss upon your forehead
                                                                       let's start all over again



June 2017-December 2019
this is for the archers

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