(encore #1)

Sagittarius, you would break yourself over me

Your plurality gives me opportunities
your scars help me pick you out of a crowd

      Once you were a hungry wolf hiding in the future
      with a love of family and a taste for violence
      a cancer survivor who never stopped fighting
      you were tequila: strong and bronze, rooted and destructive

      Once you were an emotional orphan
      a voodoo doll that tortured itself but who
      would never fall for the traps or the tricks
      of the people who wanted to cage and protect you

      Once you were a broken child who grew up blind
      who wanted to give and to destroy in equal measure
      who had to learn to ask for help, who had to learn to regret,
      and had to learn how to let go, but could never get used to it

      And then at last you were everything you wanted to be
      a freewheeling Romanian gypsy sucking on the world's rind
      who lost her true love early in life to a dramatic ending
      and who finally had the soul to find peace with my eyes

      who could swim in my stream parallel to me and peacefully
      without ever cutting across my path


But still, it's you, Ash
I can still see you in a sea of arrows
and you're a little bit of everything, maybe some nothing too
and I think you can still see me

Sagittarius, you are unbreakable
and although at first you would seem to be at my mercy
understand that you would undo me, in time

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