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re: Asamoth

To say that you broke my heart would be too melodramatic, and not quite true. To say that you disappointed me would be too harsh, and not quite true. But you took away some beautiful things. Important things. You once showed me a garden that I never knew existed, and you've left a hole.

This is as close to reconciliation as I'll get, and to redemption.

1 I tried to write you   e2node
2 Indifferent to all the treasures of the world   e2node
3 Insomniac, I Tried   e2node
4 we turn into werewolves, liquor dripping from our fangs   e2node
5 gratification delay   e2node
6 As in Science   e2node
7 the school of loss   e2node
8 A List of Boys' Clothes I Have Stolen/Taken   e2node
9 Ode to a Pub Waitress   e2node
10 Clear As   e2node
11 things you can't turn into poetry   e2node
12 i am an architect, you are a drunken tourist   e2node
13 My Visions of Those December Women   e2node
14 I hear the tiniest sparks and the tenderest sounds   e2node