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All day I've tried to quantify you:
To compartmentalize, define, or bound what you are to me.
It's impossible.
No matter how I try, the answers elude me and I'm more lost than when I started.

Harder still is deciphering what I mean to you.

When you looked at me with those eyes that said everything while your lips said nothing,
What were you thinking?
When you wrapped your legs around me and moaned as we pressed together,
What were you saying?
When our bodies melted as you arched your back and closed your eyes
What were you seeing?

Now what are you thinking?
Now what does your conscience say?
Now what do you see?

I lie in bed...strung out...exhausted...unable to sleep,
My mind reeling as a thousand sensations race through memory.
I'm so lost that I can't think, so I just lie here and hope.

I hope I wasn't your mistake.


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