I am tired of linux.

Conversation is the soul of life and yet

uudecode -m /usr/del/pvc/triste/plagaria *.wtf

Talking_about_breasts is dead.

The old arguments about comics and tv are all dead.

It is the young men who say talk person [ttyname] and telnet -d -l.

He who led the young men is fsck -t ext2/hda2 bash noglob.

It is cold and we are talking about L33T /dev/zero/cryptohash #unshar.

Things like "I can't get laid!" and "my job sux0rs!" are freezing to death.

My people, some of them,

Have run away to the hills

And have no books about history, no recipes for food or ways to mix a drink.

No one knows where they are-

Perhaps they are bored to death.

I want to have time to look for the next book I will read

And see how many of them I can find.

Maybe I shall find them among the neglected and disaffected.

Hear me, my sysadmins, I am tired of fucking with these drivers.

My heart is fed up with obscure text strings.

From where the sun now stands

I will talk linux no more forever.

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