Comic story by Evan Dorkin that first appeared in the Dark Horse Comics title Instant Piano #3 in 1995. It was reprinted in issue #6 of Dorkin's anthology series Dork! by Slave Labor Graphics.

In the story, The Eltingville Comic-Book, Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Role-Playing Club hang out at Joe's Comics where they drool over, criticize, and argue about the selection. While the others bicker, Josh and Bill simultaneously notice a twelve-inch Boba Fett action figure behind the counter. Josh is frantic to possess the figure and challenges Bill to a trivia-off -- winner gets Fett.

For the next hour (two pages!), Josh and Bill hurl obscure science fiction trivia questions and verbal abuse at each other:

"What's 'Klee-Fah'?"
"A Vulcan term of refusal - who animated Fantasia's mushrooms?"
"Art Babbitt! Astro Boy's real name, asswipe!"
"Tetsuwan Atomu - Mighty Atom. FUCK YOU! Villain in the Space Giants."
"Rodak! Jackie Chan's character in Drunken Master, you jerkoff!"
"Wong Fei Hung."

...until Josh's answer to "American release title of 'Gojiro, Ebirah, Mosura-Nankaino dai Ketto'" is (incorrectly) ruled to be wrong. The pair struggle over the figure and Bill accidentally breaks off its head -- which he spitefully keeps, leaving Josh with a headless Boba Fett.

"Bring Me The Head Of Boba Fett" won the 1996 Eisner award for Best Short Story, and is perhaps THE classic Eltingville Club story: a dead-on look at geek obsessiveness and the way cynical dealers exploit it. (An obsessiveness that a lot of us can somewhat shame-facedly admit to sharing.) Plus, the trivia-off itself is unbelievably dense with bizarre factoids, and obviously required a vast amount of research. In an astonishing coincidence, ripoff, or homage, a recent episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer featured one geeky character threatening another with the decapitation of his Boba Fett action figure.

"How do you kids know all this shit?"
"Well Joe, I dunno. We just do."

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