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Acronym for Israeli Arts and Science Academy. It's actually a high school, located in Jerusalem, across from the new Biblical Zoo. The school was founded in 1990 by the Society for Excellence Through Education, with major financial backing from Jewish organizations and the American government.

The purpose was to put talented kids from all over Israel in a nourishing environment which will inspire them and drive them to excellence.

From the IASA website: "The Academy has as a mission nothing less than the preparation of Israel's future leaders."

Don't know about that. Looking back now it seems all we studied there was sex (lots of it), smoking (both tobacco and Marijuana) and otherwise left-wing liberalism. Nobody told us what to do, so we basically did nothing (well, at least the arts students). That was a fun school.

But now coming back to visit, there is nothing there that connects me to the place. No mark was left there by me. There is nothing there that belongs to me anymore.

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