Now that it has been sold out of the family, you can enter 30 Rockefeller Center and make your way to the southernmost entrance to Room 5600. Before, it would not appear for you. But now, if you approach it during the hours of twilight or false dawn and draw a map of Alter New York's congruences on the entry portal in crude oil, it will open for you soundlessly. Enter the suite and find the office in which John D. Rockefeller sat. Place a stable tripod at the spot where the top of his desk once stood - it is not there now, you'll need to know where, and how high - with a stone and metal brace atop it level with the past surface, fashioned from drill rig steel and coarse-grain limestone. Wait ten minutes, then extinguish all light from the room. If you have done all this correctly, a blue glow will appear on the brace, and with it, a 1929 Pelikan piston-fill fountain pen, black, with an uncharacteristic steel nib.

The pen is not monogrammed. It will write in brown-red ink, which on examination, will prove to be the blood of either the person who loves the holder the most, or the person who wishes them dead the most fervently. But any facts written about that person will only ink if they are true; incorrect assertions will remain dry. The only exception is their True Name, which cannot be directly ascertained.

As you write, they will feel the blood vanishing from their veins, which has been reported to 'tickle'. Continuous use of the pen for more than approximately 200 characters will cause whitened scar tissue in the shape of the written characters on the body of the writer, in an unpredictable location.

Tales of The New York Magician

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