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You move one step closer to your ideal world by having a do-over. What if Trane hadn't died young, as lamented in the Ascension node? You get Trane back, but run the risk of losing Nirvana in this new universe.

What if Kurt Cobain hadn't offed himself? If you get him back, how would you then feel if he cleaned up his life at a Fred Phelps Boot Camp?

What if Gary Kildall had won the PC OS war? Would we then be using cups and string to post here?

One thing I know: you never know.

An absolute, Marty McFly-kind of truth with a touch of the chaos theory. Or at least it could be, if you believe in these kind of things.

This always is the first step of reconsideration when I start thinking "what if ... enter random thing that, had it been different, could improve any given situation"

When you start making changes in the past like that, you must realise that anything else might as well have changed too. There's no beginning and no end to it - you cannot possibly believe that one tiny or (if you're an optimist) immense change could be an isolated phenomenon.

I usually end up thinking things like: "If I'd left my house 5 minutes earlier I'd've been dead." Which seems a bit harsh, just to catch a train.

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