Apparently, My mother, my brother, and myself had to go to Miami to visit my aunt. (Strange in itself, because my aunt lives in Deland. Also weird because my dad wasn't there, and it's his sister.)

I got to drive the whole way. My mom slept in the back, and I was following my brother who was driving an ambulance. I Think the highway was called "Highway 30", and I was looking for exit 264. We reached the end of the highway (exit 266), and my brother kept going straight into a private road. Far down at the end, he turned on the lights on top of the ambulance.

I pulled into the first building on the exit, and it was a dance club/bar. There were two naked guys walking around. I asked one how to get to exit 264, and he pinched my cheek while giving me directions. I wanted to punch him in the mouth, but I restrained myself because he was telling me where to go.

After he walked off, I called my brother on his cell phone. He said something about starting on the "preliminary scene report", and I told him I was leaving.

Time Shift

I was walking around in some run-down building. It had yellow walls, broken doors, trash everywhere, and weird people walking around. I wasn't scared though. The elevator came down, and I decided not to get on because it didn't look sturdy. (It had a decorative tile floor, too. What's up with that?) It seemed like I was walking around looking for exit 264.

Time Shift

I was walking through a video store looking for a particular game. I can't remember which. I had no pants on, and I didn't care. I went from video store to video store looking for this game. (All the video stores had the same people working there, and looked alike except for the layout. The windows on every one were tinted an aquatic blue, so the inside of the stores had a blue hue.

Noder's Note: Yes, I have some whack-ass dreams. Don't ask me to explain them. I guess my brain is just bored. One interesting thing about the my knowledge, it doesn't exist. However, I remember it with such incredible clarity. Red rails, and arrows leading to some strange highway segments. I remember seeing a sunset, and a resturant through an overpass along the way.

My friend's band and I are deep in the swampy bayou country of Louisiana. We're there, apparently, to draw musical inspiration from Creole culture.

We're in some kind of outdoor restaurant, eating lots of food, and talking to lots of people. It's at this point that I realize that the band is made up of people that are my friends irl, but they aren't in the band irl.

This confuses me, so I walk outside (??? how can I go outside when I'm already outside ???) to have a smoke and one of the band members, Adam, joins me.

We're a bit drunk (???) from the food, and so there's a lot of horseplay. Somehow one of our lit cigarettes gets too close to a container of gasoline, and there's a huge explosion.

Adam and I are unhurt, and we both run from the scene, passing by a bunch of voodoo practitioners dressed in white and blue garments arguing with a bunch of monotheists who are all in black. We somehow circle around back to the restaurant and rejoin our group.

No one knows there was an explosion, but a yellow labrador was deafened by it, and he's confused and sad, which makes me feel guilty and sad. The dog lets out this plaintive howl which grows louder and louder changing in pitch and tone ...

... till I wake up to the sound of a really loud train, blowing its horn.

Dream the second

I nodded off watching Dune, and had the following dream:

I'm at my old office, because it's payday, and everyone gets a check but me. I complain, and am told I'll have it first thing in the morning. I tell my boss that that's unacceptable because I'll be late with the rent if I don't get paid today.

My boss grumpily starts to do whatever it is he needs to do to get me my check, and out of his face, telling me to wait in the conference room.

So I do, and a whole bunch of old men walk in, and one of the is The Colonel ... whoever that is. He's important, so I ask each one of them what they'd like to drink and smoke. Only one person places an order, a middle-aged woman (??? there were only men before ???), who orders a Diet Dr. Pepper and Viceroy cigarettes.

I go to the soda and smoke machine and come back with a Mountain Dew for her to drink and More cigarettes. She looks at me strangely.

There's far too many people in the conference room now, and they're all making cinammon rolls, so I leave, trying to find some quiet place to wait.

I find it in the interview room (???) where I watch some MTV. Blink 182, it appears, has decided to become a band of nudists, and are telling Martha Quinn about how nice it is to be able to walk around naked.

Just then Martha walks into the room, and tosses me a pack of athletic socks, which is obviously meant to be my paycheck. But this is normal. I put on a pair of socks, but they're way too long, going up past my knees.

I think I've been overpaid, and leave the office, feeling smug.

Outside, my roommate Scott pulls up and honks the horn. Apparently, we're going somewhere, but as I start to get in his car, I notice the passenger side seat is fully reclined.

This indicates to me that we'll be having an insane guest accompanying us, and I get mad at Scott, telling him that I would just ride the bus home.

I walk down to the end of the street, where there's a bus stop. This really cute guy is standing there, smoking a More. We start to chat, when Scott pulls up.

He's excited to see the cute guy, saying, "Oh my god, you're that guy from Blink 182!". The guy rolls his eyes and says, "If I were naked, you'd know I wasn't ;-)" (yes, he said ;-).

Scott leaves and a bunch of girls from my old job walk up to the bus stop, talking about how much fun they were going to have at their Halloween party. So I decide to tag along with them.

When I get to the house, something's wrong. I've become invisible. And things aren't as they appear. Apparently, this house has a problem with a poltergeist and it's scaring the hell out of the girl that lives there. I look up at the ceiling of her bedroom and see all kinds of things sticking to it like loose change, photographs, tableware and Play-Doh, things that shouldn't be stuck to a ceiling.

The girl (don't know her name) is crying and afraid, but my friend Colleen comes to her rescue, saying that she believes and they'll work together to fight the evil. They then leave the room.

After they leave, all the stuff that was stuck on the ceiling begins to fall, spelling out nonsensical sentences like "Dog next on butter kill". Finally all the Play-Do splats onto the hardwood floor, and then moves itself to form the sentence, "I can never say what he wants me to say, so fuck it."

Then I wake up ...

I had told Jay to write something down for me (my hands were all soapy at the time). I came back later to read my thoughts but found that he had used chunks of hamburger and spray cheese to spell it out and it was illegible. Completely illegible…

I am in a car with my parents. My mom is driving, and we are on a highway, speeding toward an exit. When it is too late to change course my mother indicates that she has made a wrong turn and we will begin careening shortly. Shrugging and gripping the wheel she says, “Sorry”. My father is incensed.

The car flies over a hill and for awhile we are airborne, floating out over the highway. We brace for impact but we land like a giant bird, as if we had meant to do it that way. For a second we are triumphant, relieved, completely alive.

Suddenly a van appears, hurtling through space. The driver sees us, makes frozenscreamface and slams on the breaks. The van flips and catches fire. My mom gets out and runs over to the van. My father gets out, lights a smoke. I run to the van and learn that the driver is dead. My mom is crying, “Get on the phone!” she tells me.

I run back to my father. He is pissed when I tell him to call 911, as though he was expecting it, like I have let him down and confirmed his worst suspicions. As I am talking to him he gets younger and younger, cutting backwards through time. Soon I am speaking to my father at 19, the age he was when I was born. He is glaring at me. “Things would have been different if you hadn’t come along,” he tells me, eyes narrowed to slits.

We got in my dad's truck. We drove to Toronto. The way to toronto was full of very long and narrow bridges. My dad peeled some potatoes while driving. We had a humourously small trailer behind us with more potatoes in it. We never got to toronto.

Real Life: I have ordered three pieces of black leather furniture. They should arrive next week. I live alone in an apartment.

Last Night's Dream: The furniture has arrived. There is only one delivery man, and he has somehow dragged the couch into the house, damaging some of my other furniture and splitting open the box the couch came in in the process.

The couch is indeed black, but

  1. It is not made of leather, but of thick black cloth.
  2. The cloth has gaping holes in some places.
  3. It is covered with a thick layer of plaster dust, as if the naked cloth was dragged along a drywall.
  4. There is no sign of the loveseat or chair that I also ordered. (I didn't realize this until I started adding to this node)

I tell the delivery man that this is unacceptable, and that he is going to have to take the couch back to the store right now. My roommate looks at the crappy couch and says that he wants to have it. This surprises me, because my roommate is a preppy lawyer type who is very fastidious in his grooming and dress (he is based on a real friend of mine, not a creation of my dream). I can't see why he would want this thing.

Sigh. This was one of those nights where you have very wild and fun dreams but forget all about them by the time you've managed to crawl out of bed.

I can only remember two details:

Silly unrealistic dreams. In reality I would never watch Ally McBeal voluntarily. Also, as far as I know the 7110 is still riddled with bugs.

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