I am not an animal rights person. I don't believe that animals have much more than instinctual reactions to stimuli. I realize that some animals can learn but I just can bring myself to talk to animals and treat them like humans. However, I am highly opposed to making animals suffer for no good reason.

Supposing that one feels that it is absolutely necessary that a particular animal lose its life. I feel that it is an individuals responsibility to ensure that the death is as quick and painless as possible. There are several different acceptable methods for disposing of an animal and they differ by the size and demeanor of the animal.

First, we have the hammer and or other blunt object method. This method is simple. Take the heavy blunt object and strike said creature. This method is really only meant for small creatures such as insects, small mammals (mice), and small birds (I can't think of a reason for killing a bird but I am trying to objective). Any creature larger than the above mentioned would not be killed by one or two blows and beating it to death would simply be torturing it. Also, this method is not effective on many kinds of snakes because of their flat nature.

Second, is what I like to call the head removal method. This obviously involves beheading the creature. However gruesome this sounds it is necessary in some situations. This method is very effective when applied to snakes with a pair of hedge trimmers. This effect can also be achieved with a number of other weapons such as shovels and spades. This method is remotely humane if you manage to behead the creature with one try. If it takes several tries you are once again torturing the animal and you have chosen the wrong method. This method, just as the one before it is not very well suited for larger creatures (that is unless you have a chainsaw handy, but that is just gross and it will really make a mess of your chain).

The third, and what I feel is the most humane method, is simply shooting the animal. This is obviously not a good idea if you are indoors or if you are dealing with a small animal. However, for large creatures a shot to the head is quick and efficient. One caution: Be sure to chose your firearm carefully. Do not try and kill a Grizzly Bear with a .45 Colt and don't try and kill a rabbit with an Ak-47 (a little common sense but still necessary).

Although these are my suggestions for disposing of pestering creatures, remember one thing. The best solution is to find a compromise where everyone and everything can continue to live their natural lives.

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