The pizza boy was late again.
I think he’s pissed I won’t give him a bigger tip.
It was cheaper actually, just to kill him.
Free pizza.

Murder Death Bombs Helicopter stolen
It's all been done before (I watch the news)
Nuclear war you think its funny. It makes me amused
But I've been in there I've done that
There is nothing more dangerous than a bored sociopath

Do you really understand how much work is required?
All the killing and cleaning and dumping, it’s a hell of a job.
Never had the time for it before.

I killed your visitor yesterday because he was standing at my door
I was bored I am not sorry Not at all
See his hat was one that I abhor
I've just nothing to do.
That's all.
I lit puppy dogs on fire but it wasn't that great
The prettiness escaped the townsfolk
Amongst the smoldering fields of smoke

I didn’t used to do this so often.
It’s because of the economy.
Lost my job, now I have nothing to do all day.
Killing people is so much more convenient now.

Alone I destroy you because I have nothing else to do
Here I am on the warpath
Filling in the hours with sad little minutes
There is nothing more dangerous than a bored sociopath.

I think I’ll stop when the new American Idol season starts.
Some of those chicks trying out look pretty hot.
But until then,
Don’t be late with my vegetarian pizza.

by sangsoo and tentative

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