The other high speed black and white film.
(The first being Kodak T-Max p3200.)

A 3200 ASA black and white negative film, available in 35mm and 120, manufactured by Ilford. It is a professional film that competes with Kodak's T-max series of films.

Like the other Delta series films (100 and 400 ASA), Delta 3200 compares favorably to, if not better than, the T-Max films. The grain appears to be finer and less harsh. Some describe it as being like Tri-X, only sharp. It is not quite as contrasty as T-Max p3200, which makes for easier printing of pictures. Overall, the negatives seem, to me, to be clearer and easier to work with than the Kodak film.

Delta 3200 tends to be (in my market) more reasonably priced - about 20 cents more than Delta 400, and a dollar cheaper than T-Max.

Perhaps the most significant aspect is that Ilford Delta 3200 is available in medium format, unlike T-Max p3200. It is only available in 120, as Ilford feels that too much light would get in without the paper. Ilford also reccomends against using it in cameras that have a window to see the number on the paper, as too much light would get in that way. Nonetheless, the frame numbers are still printed on the paper.

Delta 3200 makes it much easier for photojournalists to work in medium format - there is no longer the need to spend a small fortune on fast lenses.

As with any high speed film, one should be keep it away from heat, sunlight, and sources of radiation. It's probably sensitive to thought, too.

Overall, I am very pleased with Ilford Delta 3200.

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