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Written and Directed by Neil La Brute, is a low-budget independent film (eventually distributed by Sony Classics) about a psychological love triangle set within 1990s corporate culture. Chad and Howard, two white-collar "home office" executives formulate a plan to get even with women and unite in their pain of being rejected by their regular girlfriends. They find a susceptible young woman that both men can play a cat-and-mouse game of one-upmanship which eventually becomes psychological warfare.

The film debuted August 1997 and was well-reviewed at the following Sundance Film Festival.

The cast of the movie includes Aaron Eckhart, Stacy Edwards, Matt Malloy, Michael Martin, Mark Rector, Chris Haynes, Jason Dixie and Emily Cline.

LaBute is a graduate of Brigham Young University, University of Kansas and New York University. While enrolled in the Graduate Dramatic Writing Program at NYU, received a literary fellowship to study at the Royal Court Theatre in London and attended the Sundance Institute's Playwrights Lab. His plays include "Filthy Talk For Troubled Times," "Lepers," "Bash," "A Gaggle of Saints," "Rounder," "Sangguinarians & Sycophants, Ravages," and adaptations of "Dracula," and "Woyzeck" which have been produced at venues in the United States and Europe.

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