The International Drinking Rules are rules that can be applied to most drinking games, and casual conversation if the need arises. All penalties are that you must consume two fingers (i.e. place two fingers against the top of the drink; this is the amount you must consume). Of course, this only applies to drinks of substantial volume, such as pints, half pints, and bottles. Shots must be downed. Here are the main rules:
  • The word 'Drink', or any word with 'Drink' inside it, must not be spoken during the game.
  • There is to be no use of players real names during the game. Uncommon nicknames and "Oy, you!" may be used.
  • There is to be no pointing during the game. Elbows are acceptable.
  • Ungentlemanly conduct is prohibited (i.e. No swearing, openly belching, etc).
  • Alcoholic beverages must be kept at least one thumbs-length away from the edge of the table. This is known as the safety area.
  • Beverages must only be consumed with one's left hand, if you are right handed, and vice-versa
Other optional mini-games may be introduced to play during the game. Three are as follows:
  • Thumb Master. The Thumb Master (designated at the beginning) may at any time place his thumb against the top of the table. Once this has happened, all other players must follow suit. The last player to place his thumb upon the table must imbibe.
  • Pose Master. As Thumb Master, but the Pose Master must strike a pose at one point during the game, and all other players must strike this pose as well. The last player will imbibe.
  • Freeze Master. As above, but the Freeze Master must suddenly stop whatever he is doing and remain still. Each other person must freeze, or imbibe yet again.
I would generally recommend only using one of the above optional rules at a time. Trying to determine the difference between posing and freezing whilst drunk is not an easy task. I will assume that there are variants to these rules, but I have played this game many at time up and down England, and these seem to be the generally accepted rules. Happy Drinking!
A quick thanks to The Debutante for pointing out a forgotten rule.

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