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Isabelle Adjani, arguably one of the most beautiful women to have graced the silver screen is a leading french actress that was born on June 27, 1955 in Gennevilliers, France to an Algerian father of Turkish ancestry and a German mother. Her full name is Isabelle Yasmine Adjani. She was raised and schooled in Paris. Starring in many television commercials and feature films as a school girl, she gained the attention of the media who claimed that she would be the next Jeanne Moreau. Adjani joined the prestigious Comédie-Française in the early 1970s where she earned critical praise at the age of 17. It was here that she got the attention of director François Truffaut, who cast her in the lead for The Story of Adele H in 1975. Isabelle Adjani was Oscar nominated for that mature, intense performance. In 1996 she starred opposite Sharon Stone in the remake of Diabolique as Chazz Palminteri's repressed wife.

In 1990 she won the Super-Cesar award (equal to the Oscars) along with Gerard Depardieu for her stunning performance as Camille in the masterpiece of a movie Camille Claudel based on the artist's real life. Adjani was also nominated for a Best Actress award in the Oscars for the same role. Isabelle Adjani has also won Cesars for Possession, and L'Été meurtrier. She has 2 sons, Barnabe, fathered by Bruno Nuytten, and Gabriel Kane in 1995, fathered by Daniel Day Lewis.

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