I first saw this Italian actress in Queen Margot better known as La Reine Margot and was immediately drawn by her dark beauty. In the movie she plays an Italian Baroness, a cousin of Queen Margot who's played by Isabelle Adjani, and she is the mistress of Henry of Navarre played by Daniel Autieul. The next movie I saw her in was B. Monkey where she plays Beatrice an ex-professional thief opposite Rupert Everett and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. It is a romantic thriller and a great fast paced movie with convincing performances by all actors. She also has a cool large angel tattoo right below her belly button.

Asia Argento was born on September 20, 1975 in Rome, Italy to Dario Argento, a famous horror film director, and Daria Nicolodi, a stage actress. Her official name is Aria because the registration office didn't accept Asia. She started her acting career when she was only nine yers old. Asia Argento has been in over fifteen movies, she has won two 'DAVID DI DONATELLO' (the italian oscar), two 'CIACK', an italian 'GOLDEN GLOBE' when she was only twelve, and a 'GROLLA D'ORO'. She has acted in French movies and English movies as well. She has appeared in three of her father's films, Trauma, The Stendhal Syndrome and The Phantom of the Opera. Dario Argento has been criticized many times for filming his daughter's nudity, in his famous sex scenes, but it's show business. Besides acting she has sung for various Italian bands. She also sung in New Rose Hotel a movie in which she stars opposite Willem Dafoe, and Christopher Walken.

She just recently finished directing her first film that she also wrote called the Scarlet Diva.

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