New Rose Hotel is a short story written by William Gibson, which can be found in the collection Burning Chrome.

New Rose Hotel is about a duo of corporation dealers who steal a scientist from Hosaka and deliver to Maas Biolabs. Unfortunatly, they underestimate the reaches of Hosaka.

Also made into a movie with Christopher Walken, and a criticism of it can be read in kozmund's writeup below.
New Rose Hotel is a movie directed by Abel Ferrara, released in 1998. It is based on the short story of the same name by William Gibson. Christopher Walken and Willem DaFoe star as partners trying to arrange a corperate defection. Asia Argento plays a prostitute they hire to help.

Now that I have all that objective information out of the way, I can safely digress into my own personal feelings about the movie. Let me start by saying that I have seen this movie one and a half times. The first time I saw it, a few friends had rented it, and I decided to watch it with them without knowing anything about it, including the title. We only made it an hour in before turning it off. I forgot all about it. Fast forward a year. I saw a box at the movie rental store with Willem DaFoe and Christopher Walken on it. I read the back and thought to myself "A William Gibson movie without Keanu Reeves? Great!" When I started it, I realized that I had already seen the first bit of it, but I was determined to give it a fair chance. Never before have I prayed for my own death during a movie, and I've seen Manos, Hands of Fate without the benefit of the MST3K crew. Never before have I hated a director so much for including nudity simply to keep me from falling asleep. Avoid this movie. Avoid it like the plague. It is 92 minutes of pure pain, masquerading as an artistic treatment of espionage and lust. Some may argue that I'm glossing over Abel Ferrara's usage of mediated experience and ubiquitous technology. They would be right. However, they would be guilty of ignoring the absence of meaningful plot, characters the audience cares about, convincing dialogue and an ending that's more than 20 minutes of Willem DaFoe crawling around while having extensive flashbacks.

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