A napkin rose is probably one of the cheesiest and, at the same time, one of the most sucessful ice-breakers that one can perform in any bar.

The requisite material is cheap and easy to find, and with a little practice, the final product can be impressive.

They are best bestowed upon their recipient in a playful or nonchalant manner, or left behind as an ad hoc memento.

To make a napkin rose:

1) Unfold the napkin. Fold one edge of the napkin over about one inch.

2) Hold the edge of the napkin between your index and middle fingers, with about one to one-half inch of the napkin held firmly between the two fingers. Allow the rest of the napkin to hang in front of your hand.

3) Wrap the napkin around your two fingers, creating a "tube" out of the napkin. One inch of this tube should be wrapped around your fingers, the rest should extend beyond them. The folded edge (see step 1) should comprise the top inch and a half of the tube. The fold should be on the inside of the tube, and it should extend a little past the fingers.

4) Pinch the tube just in front of your fingers and twist the beginnings of your stem. Take the napkin off of your fingers (this part, which formerly covered your fingers, will form the flower).

5) Continue twisting your stem until its about 1/4 of the way finished. Now its time to make a leaf. Grab a loose corner of the material that is being twisted to form the stem. Now fold it up to the point at which you stopped twisting the stem. Continue to twist in the same direction as before, finishing your stem. The folded corner will form a leaf at the point where it was folded back.

6) Once the stem is fully twisted, grab the loose corner of the napkin on the inside of the tube that forms the flower. Twist it in the same direction that the stem was twisted in. This will swirl the inside of the flower.

7) Find a worthy recipient.

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